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Romance quality: Moderate-high. This is indeed a very enjoyable drama not to be missed. In a fit of foolish desperation, Hodaka figures out a way to save Hina: traveling through the archway in the same rooftop shrine that gave Hina her powers, he’s able to bring her back from the world above the clouds. 25. This is why I love this drama. The story follows her struggle to keep, not only herself alive, but also her sister's in the zombie apocalypse. Rather, he created a practice weapon for her, taught her the steps and even taught her archery skills. The princess bride, the whole Su Ci identity exposed etc. and why? There are about three books and I'm contemplating the ending for the last one. Fanservice/ecchi: Yes. Teenage love would say no, apparently. But at least the drama is getting the buzz and our rookie male lead is getting more and more attention.... Their cave kiss clip on youtube has nearly half a million viewers! Probably only 20% of the hundreds of Asian dramas I've watched have been historical. tips, romance, fanfiction. looking forward to his future projects. It could have lead to more. So glad to find this discussion thread on Maiden Holmes. The usual princess rival falls in love with the prince did not happen. Share Share Tweet Email. A. Especially when he forced her to help him change his garments (when she used him to demonstrate something) and he pretended to sulk, but he was secretly enjoying getting her to help him dress - what an imp! Sad Ending C. Have you ever written an ending against you're personal preference? Couple(s): Show Teiichi Niiya Kanoe Yuuko Happy ending: Show Yes. The Home Maiden. She weaves all this beautiful cloth and they are able to benefit from selling it. The ending is concluded properly with justice served - the good is being rewarded and the bad is being punished, and the lovers are happily ever after. He is optimistic, resilient - bounces back quickly from failure, rarely gets angry, he is empathetic - sees things from the other person's perspective, he isn't afraid to own up to his own mistakes, and he doesn't take out his hurt or anger on others (except for two times when something happened to someone close to him and when he was trying to push the 2nd ML along to make a decision), and he holds onto what he values (unlike some MLs who try to see the bigger picture and act up on noble idiocy, making an either or choice). This is what I meant about being supportive. Full spoilers follow for the ending of Weathering With You. Also, the amount of time spent in clearing up their misunderstanding was quite acceptable - nothing over the top, and a little bit of drama is alright, just to add a little bit of angst (I shudder to think about the Legend of Jin Yan where they were both getting into one misunderstanding after another and never having the largeness to forgive each other or clear the air). Great chemistry between main couple. He didn't use his influence to help Su Ci get the promotion. The cave scene was pretty intense. Be happy. it’s so refreshing to watch this kind of show with little angst since love and redemption was so angsty. Ok. needed this nice little drama so much. Personal wish for outcome in general to novels you have read? The player character has resisted the temptation of the unfathomable power offered by the Old One, and in doing so, has saved Boletaria and the rest of the world by aiding the Maiden in Black in lulling the Old One back to slumber. love the leads and the group so much. Mary and Lord Grantham are sad to see him go but they are very grateful for what he has done for them and the family. It's easy! I love the action scenes coz I’m a fan of martial arts ( I learned some aikido techniques when I was 26 just for self defense). Together, they start a business where she uses her power to clear away the rain in limited areas. We need to talk about the new anime movie's heartbreaking ending. Started June 21, 2007, By There seems to be a balance of light-heartedness and then they go full detective mode. Judging by their age difference of the actor and actress anyway, looks like he is maybe 5-6 years older than her? Love the strong bond between the royal bothers.... amongst all the drama and suspense I couldn’t help LOL when the emperor was pressured to punish Prince Qi for hiding Little Su identity so his punishment for Prince Qi was to “ponder his mistakes”:-) the look on the evil uncle’s face was priceless. So, I'm writing a story about zombies and it's been lengthened into a series. Thank God, so this arc was watchable. Is it trying to say that the love between two teenagers is stronger and more important than the fate of millions? Conflict. they are really cute. The other cast members are both good looking and wonderful in their respective roles. Has anyone read the novel? - Duration: 8 ... 8:55. But luckily the issues are resolved rather rationally. He didn't use his influence to help Su Ci get the promotion. Thank goodness there’s none of this princess trying to steal someone else’s man. The classic rom-com 50 First Dates ended with Henry & Lucy staying together, despite this, the film still has a tragically sad ending. I am so glad to find a thread here for this drama. And she allowed him to redeem the second 'wish' to allow him to clear his name. The story of Tracy Edwards, a 24-year-old cook on charter boats, who became the skipper of the first ever all-female crew to enter the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989. How you view the conclusion of Margaret Atwood's groundbreaking 1985 novel, The Handmaid's Tale, likely Looks promising. Wilson is Dr. House's only true friend, and frequently provides him with consultations and aid. 0. wow!!!! I just get bored by all the convoluted schemes of the evil members of the royal court etc. LOL. I can't get over how high his emotional intelligence is, for someone at his age, he truly is has an old head on young shoulders. @Dramanoona totally agree. The Best Happy Ending Movies by saraprentic90 | created - 02 Dec 2013 | updated - 2 weeks ago | Public Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. 2. I presume it was a heavy make out session then. Maiden Holmes gives our characters what they deserve. I love how her character doesn't wait to show her affection: (in fact the scriptwriter/ novel author portrays both FL, 1st and 2nd, as taking the initiative to protect and show affection to their men), she hugs him, she cuddles up to him, she slips her hands into his to show support, she even back hugs him in one scene, and she kisses him when she wants to.... it's very refreshing for a costume drama and for a character. This drama is so entertaining, the main characters are so appealing and likeable, each are unique with no annoying qualities and the pace is just right that I am never bored. LOL. Hahaha...thanks... then my next target is ep23 subs then.... and while waiting for the other subs... im just gonna watch My Unicorn Girl... sigh, i like the ML there since i knew him in MGarden... so this is the first time im seeing him as a lead.. can somebody translate? What is the real ending like in the book? Maiden Holmes is so wholesome and refreshing that it’s the first drama that I have never used the fast forward button lol I thought the pace was perfect and characters endearing (even the foreign princess) that I was never bored. En anglais maiden ou maidens peut signifier : Une femme vierge; Maiden name, le nom de jeune fille; Diverses expressions où "maiden" implique au sens figuré ce qui est nouveau, frais, intact, etc. Well, the protagonist is 19 years old and has an eight-year-old half-sister named Molly. We get to see our gang together, our leads and second leads are happy. Oh so and oh young were alive. On the last day of the finale episodes on sep.10,2020, it seems they had live stream of Him calling sabrina. In her thoughts two voices were going on in her head; one voice was defending him and the other was trying to justify that he was guilty; so she was trying to be objective and not let her emotions get in the way. There’s something reckless and foolish in the way that Hodaka risks the fate of the world just to save Hina’s life. 50 First Dates' Happy Ending Is Secretly Really Tragic. This ending is chosen by leaving the Maiden in Black after her speech. Weathering With You devolves a bit further when it introduces a theory that these cataclysmic events are part of Earth’s natural climate cycle. Considering that there's been some really great romcom dramas recently but have sad or ambiguous endings...that's not Maiden Holmes!! As the rain worsens, Hina realizes that the only way to stop it and save Tokyo from drowning is to sacrifice herself. It’s inspiring, touching, heartbreaking, and absolutely ridiculous. She went back to instructing new recruits and at least it was a satisfying ending to hear Fei Yuan calling them by their royal titles. But she came around, she had the chance to stab the ML but she didn't. SAD BL MV - I FOUND LOVE [Yunlan and Shenwei] - Duration: 2:37. Maiden holmes. Watched episode 16 with eng sub (finally) and was totally engrossed from beginning to end. Is one life worth preventing disaster? Oh... and guess who gave the FL the dagger when she was a young girl - you couldn't possibly guess. CarolynH The 7 Most Common Furniture-Buying Mistakes - And How to Avoid Them.   the. Other names: 黄昏乙女×アムネジア, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia. Comment. YongZura⁷ᴮᴱ It's not the type of melodrama like Sleepless Princess, and there isn't as much angst given the detective genre, but the romance is nicely balanced with the mystery - gave me the feel good I was craving for . Reason being the dagger says Yan and his shifu is the Marquis of Yan. He trusted in her ability and believed she would try her best and get that promotion. Can you arrest her? Is Weathering With You trying to deny climate change? He is so natural and no shyness and he does not look like a newbie. Now, rather than just two movies being left, there are three to look forward to, i.e. As soon as upper 2 time ago, I posted about a girl I to a large extent meet, but who had a boyfriend. Maiden … Posted by 1 day ago. And then they went off more another adventure with Ru Shang and BeiMing. maiden definition: 1. a girl or young woman: 2. an over in cricket in which no runs are scored 3. being the first of…. First episode got me hooked and now I am addicted. The ultimate message winds up muddled. Hi Anybody, I need advice! do you think the ending is sad,happy,or both sad and happy in the crane maiden? All the characters were smart in their own ways and their skills complemented one another. Mary and Henry celebrate New Year and welcome 1926 along with the rest of her family. The answer to both questions seems to be yes. @Dramanoona yes Pei Zhao is cheeky (especially in E22/23 when they were trapped in the room), but he's got such a good boy look that it comes as a surprise when he pranks her.

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